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Check here each one of the expertise of our firm, which counts on a multidisciplinary team of specialists to protect your business!



Trademarks are distinctive signs intended to identify the products or services of a company and differentiate them from others that are the same or similar in the market. In Brazil, trademarks are required to be "visually perceptible" in order to be registered, which means that no trademark protection is conferred to sound, smell, taste or touch marks.


It is a very important intangible asset and, many times, the most valuable asset of a company, which is why it is essential to obtain the registration to ensure the exclusive use of the trademark throughout the national territory, thus preventing third parties from using the sign without the proper authorization or even using a similar trademark that may cause confusion to the consuming public.


Our firm assists clients from the initial phases of trademark development to the phase after registration, through a dedicated and attentive performance to the risks and opportunities of the system. Get to know some of the activities performed by our team:


  • Risk mapping by performing anteriority searches;

  • Delineation of alternative strategies that make the companies' projects feasible;

  • Filing and follow-up of the registration prosecution in Brazil and abroad;

  • Defense of trademarks against competitors;

  • Strategic management of the portfolio of Brazilian and foreign marks;

  • Assistance in the negotiation and acquisition of trademarks and other distinctive signs.

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