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We are Aoki, Ferreira, Mattioli & Yamashita Intellectual Property (AFMY), a reference in intellectual property management and protection.

Our office was founded in 2021, based on the understanding of the importance of the topic for the competitiveness of companies.

Regardless of the industry, all of them need an advisor with extensive knowledge in intellectual property to ensure the protection of investment,
the impulse to innovation, and the stimulus to enable their business.

To this end, we have launched a market proposal with a strategic and contemporary vision of the best practices involving intellectual property.

Guided by accessibility, credibility, transparency, and simplicity of treatment, we offer efficient solutions to complex demands, always in a clear, easy, and objective approach.

Our multidisciplinary team, which has strong expertise in technical and legal areas, is ready to protect, manage, and defend the intellectual assets of clients in Brazil and abroad.


Meet our partners

We offer wide assistance to clients in all matters related to intellectual property, in the advisory, administrative, and legal areas,

in Brazil and abroad.

We are members of the following associations:

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Due to their outstanding performance in the market, the firm's professionals have already been recognized in several rankings.

Awards and recognitions


We have a multidisciplinary and very experienced team to handle each case in a cautious, personalized and efficient approach.

Alexandre Yamashita, partner at AFMY
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