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Reference in intellectual property management and protection

Efficient solutions for complex demands


With wide technical and legal expertise, our team of specialists is ready to protect, manage, and defend the intellectual assets of your business.


New Paths

In an increasingly competitive world, which renews itself every day at an unparalleled speed, adapting to market changes is no longer a differential. Now, it is necessary to go beyond and think strategically to always keep one step ahead.

That is exactly why, to ensure the assertiveness and excellence of our services, we are also in constant transformation and connected to the dynamism of the market.

Here, at AFMY, we offer advice, support, and knowledge in all areas of intellectual property in a clear, simple, personalized, and objective approach, without any kind of complication and with the creativity that each case demands.

For this, we count on a multidisciplinary team, which values proactivity, availability, and strictly follows the technical rigor of the area, contributing to the success of the proposed solutions.


Our Differentiation

We are concerned with understanding the real needs of each of our clients.

Paola Mattioli, partner at AFMY

Expertise, partnership, and commitment:

everything you need to protect your

business is here.

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