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Check here each one of the expertise of our firm, which counts on a multidisciplinary team of specialists to protect your business!



In an increasingly digital world, worrying about the protection of intellectual assets on the Internet is no longer an alternative, but an imperative for every entrepreneur, inventor or artist. Digital transformation is in full swing and conflicts such as improper registration of a trademark as a domain name, use of AdWords to divert third-party clientele, unauthorized copying of artistic works on social networks, are no longer new.


With new technologies, new situations arise that challenge intellectual property professionals. Currently, titleholders are faced with the production of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that violate copyrights, trademark usurpation in the Metaverse, among other conflicts that, in a short time, will give way to new problems that will arise from technological development.


In addition to assisting clients in obtaining protection for their intangible assets, our team is able to defend intellectual property rights both in the usual conflicts that occur on the Internet and in new situations that arise, because constant improvement and the search for new knowledge are part of our DNA.

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