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Fair and honest competition is one of the principles of our system, but there are many cases in which competitors adopt unfair means to divert other's customers. Even if the company does not hold a trademark registration, industrial design or other intellectual property assets, it can defend itself against competitors who adopt stratagems contrary to good market practices, as the case may be.


The Industrial Property Law represses the acts of unfair competition, classifying them as a crime. There is not an exhaustive list of the acts that are not tolerated in our system, but basically any acts of competition contrary to honest practices in industrial and commercial matters can be restrained, such as:


  • Disclosure of false information about or to the detriment of a competitor;

  • Use of fraudulent means to divert customers;

  • Use of another's advertising sign or expression;

  • Use of a third party's business name or establishment title;

  • Sale of an adulterated product in another's original packaging;

  • Enticement of a competitor's employees;

  • Unauthorized use of confidential data of the employer or third parties. 


Our team is ready to adopt the necessary measures to combat such acts, adopting a strategic vision to identify the best solutions, which have the potential to bring more effective results, both from a temporal and qualitative point of view, in line with the interests of our clients.

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